About The Olympic Game Farm

Friendly llamas and yak eat bread from your hand, clowning bears stand up and wave, and elk and buffalo peacefully graze in the pastures.

Experience wildlife unlike anywhere else, with a drive-through adventure where animals come right up to your vehicle to greet you. Olympic Game Farm accepts "in-need" wildlife as space permits, and with the proper authority approvals. The farm cannot accept local animals from the wild without permission from Washington State Fish and Wildlife.

The Olympic Game Farm was originally designed as a housing facility for the animal actors of Disney Studios. From the 1950s to 1972, during breaks from filming, the animals were trained, housed and cared for at the farm which at that time was called Disney's Wild Animal Ranch. In the summer of 1972, after Roy Disney passed away, the farm opened to the public as a test run to see if it could sustain itself financially and provide long-term care for the animals without the funding of Disney Studios.


Sit back and relax on our 20-passenger bus. Your tour guide and driver will fill you in on the Game Farm while you enjoy feeding the animals.

The driving tour covers 84 acres of terrain filled with wildlife. The non-predatory animals are not hesitant to come right up to your window and stick their heads inside looking for a piece of bread! Predatory animals, like the world-famous waving Kodiak bears, are in an enclosure and do not approach the vehicle, however you can still toss them bread from the bus.

There is also a petting zoo area that includes a herd of goats, a reptile room where you can visit with snakes and other reptiles, and a small aquarium where you can see fish. There's also a concession stand and gift shop you'll get an opportunity to visit after the guided driving adventure.

The Olympic Game Farm Bus is not operated by, and is independent from the Olympic Game Farm.

Tour Schedule

Departs daily from May 26 - September 3, 2018

12:20 PM

Check-in at the Port Angeles Visitor's Center.

12:30 PM

The bus departs downtown Port Angeles.

1:00 PM

Arrive at the Game Farm and enjoy a guided driving tour while feeding the animals.

2:15 PM

Disembark the bus to visit the Petting Zoo, Reptile Exhibit, Aquarium, canteen and Gift Shop.

3:15 PM

The bus departs the Game Farm.

4:00 PM

Arrive back in downtown Port Angeles.


Passengers 12 years and older

Includes round-trip shuttle bus, Game Farm admission, and 1 loaf of bread.

+ tax

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Passengers 11 years and younger

Includes round-trip shuttle bus, Game Farm admission, and 1 loaf of bread.

+ tax

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For 2 adults + 2 children

Includes round-trip shuttle bus, Game Farm admission, and 4 loaves of bread.

+ tax

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Additional loaves of bread can be purchased from our driver for $2 each. You may also bring your own bread as long as it is wheat (no white, sourdough, multi-grain, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations are highly recommended, but if we still have seats available for walk-ups, our driver will be happy to help you! Please arrive at 12:15pm at the latest in front of the Port Angeles Visitor Center if you do not have a reservation. Our driver can accept cash payment or any major credit card.

Yes, you may bring your own bread to feed the animals, however ONLY wheat or whole grain bread is permitted. Multi-grains and other heavily-grained wheat bread can be too rich for the animals. No white, sourdough, etc. It is prohibited for guests to feed the animals anything other than wheat bread.

Each animal has a well-balanced diet based on nutritional needs as determined by a veterinary care plan. Animals are fed meat, poultry, fish, nuts, berries, vegetables, fruits, roots, vitamins, minerals, hay, and grain as appropriate based on their species and dietary requirements. These items are fed daily during business hours and after closing.

Yes! The animals are accustomed to our Pacific northwest weather and many will come out to visit in the rain. All of the animals have access to weather shelters and privacy areas at all times.

Several of the animals are rescues, and some come as overflow from other licensed facilities, or have been received from other properly licensed individuals.

We can never guarantee which animals will approach the bus on any given day, however on the driving portion of the tour you will pass llamas, Tibetan yaks, zebras, Kodiak bears, Roosevelt elk, Sika deer and American bison. At the petting zoo there are goats, and in the reptile room there are snakes and other reptiles to visit.

If you've made a prepaid reservation on the bus, and the ferry is delayed, our driver will wait in front of the Port Angeles Visitor Center until all walk-off ferry passengers have had ample time to clear US Customs and reach the bus. The driver will not wait for a delayed ferry if there are no reserved passengers.

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